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The OA

Yes, the show.

But this one could be bizarre - to you.

I haven't been sure how to express any of this: whatever ends up happening below. So, here goes.

I stumbled upon The OA before hearing anything about it from anyone or anywhere. I had no expectations. No idea of what "genre" people placed it in. (Genres. They can be silly, don't you think?) No idea of what others thought of it. Nothing. In fact, I clicked on the "play" button by accident.

It is rare that I can engage in conversation about the latest episode of [insert hot show that floods our social feeds]. And this is only because I rarely watch TV - even less so programs that everybody else seems to be watching at once. But this time around I am indeed watching what many others seem to be. And while this is the case, I find myself in a familiar circumstance.

The conversations, reviews, opinions I've heard about the OA are those in the physical world.
"It's incredible". "Very well-written". "Bizarre". "Weird". "Interesting". Etc. Words.

But this - extends far beyond it. I don't know in which direction. I don't know in what order. I don't even know if on the same ring, track or frequency.

The way I identify with it, feel connected to - are in ways words have been unable to describe.
Words. Words. Words.
English. Language.


My experience "watching" it was...surreal - but more real than what we (including myself) can conceive, out of body, vibrations, beautiful, belonging, visceral....?




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