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Introducing computational thinking and coding in the classroom

Education meets design meets technology

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On February 1st and 2nd, I will be speaking at the OLA Super Conference in Toronto at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre. Libraries have and still play a huge role in providing knowledge and education with accessibility and inclusivity in mind. As a public centre, they must consider the ever evolving needs of their communities including the ethnography, geography - really, a sexy array of "phy"s, "ural"s and "ic"s - in order to be impactful. It is a great challenge and thus opportunity for human-centric design. Especially with Ladies Learning Code's vision with Canada Learning Code - designing thoughtfully in order to support the communities that make up our nation is high up on our minds, goals - through to our programming.

On February 1st, I will be sharing with educators and administrators the greater value of learning how to code, how it can be introduced to kids and youth with consideration to various classroom resources (or lack thereof), re-defining "teachers and "classrooms" and tips on how to tie computational thinking in to curriculum.  

My February 2nd talk will be in partnership with DK Books. I will be demystifying teaching code by sharing lessons learned from Kids Learning Code, Girls Learning Code, Teens Learning Code and Teachers Learning Code. Attendees can also expect some suggested first steps to take to start equipping future superheroes-to-be with the skills, knowledge, confidence and critical thinking skills to shape our future through code.

Other than acquiring the skills, knowledge and tools to build things - understanding areas in STEM (including computational thinking and coding) teaches us about art, life, being human, the universe. I will also be touching upon this a bit at my OLA talks - maybe, if I can squeeze it in, but I may have to save the bulk of this one for an entirely different talk :)

See you there. Make sure you say hello!

NOTE: DK Books is a publisher and part of Penguin Random House. Working with brands such as Disney, LEGO and Smithsonian - DK Books publishes highly visual photographic non-fiction for adults and children, including books on using MIT's Scratch for kids and youth. Scratch is a beginner level programming environment that encourages mathematical and computational skills and supports imagination coming to life in a new and digitally engaging form. It is also a program that we use at Ladies Learning Code for our Youth Programs when running artmaking, gamemaking and animating-focused sessions. 

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